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Outplacement - a Positive Start

What is outplacement? As part of internal change in an organisation, outplacement consultancy can provide the impetus and motivation to your personnel to accept the challenge of an unexpected career change, transforming it into an opportunity to explore new personal horizons without engendering the fear/distress/shock/bewilderment which redundancy brings.

Through the application of our skills in recruitment and knowledge of the job market, we can help individuals to face new options in their lives. Our programmes can be tailored to suit employees at a variety of levels, in a diverse range of industries and disciplines, giving you the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate a positive means of assistance.
  • Deflect negative feelings, thereby ensuring that departing staff feel valued and motivated to the end.
  • Redirect aggression and minimise disruption.
  • Undertake a PR exercise which will reassure retained staff.

Our programmes can take into account a variety of situations and budgets, using Group Seminars, One to One sessions, or a combination of the two to provide an individual solution to your needs.

A personal consultation will help individuals make informed choices about their appropriate market place and manage a plan for job search through:

  • Identification of key skills, achievements, strengths and weaknesses.
  • An understanding of the job market and long-term goals and objectives.
  • Advice on self-marketing, including networking, CV writing and interview preparation.

We can assist Clients in allowing individuals to continue to use office facilities and to take advantage of administrative support (IT, secretarial etc)

More importantly we offer continued personal support, encouraging individuals to contact us for advice on a variety of recruitment issues when needed.

Additional support for retained employees

Internal change and disruption can lead to demoralised staff and a demotivated workforce. Our one-day workshops can place emphasis on team building, and developing skills to foster synergy between corporate strategy and human resources.




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