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Executive Search – positive not passive recruitment

This method of recruitment of staff for all levels is the positive alternative to traditional methods.

Are these situations that you have experienced?
• No one to promote of the right quality.
• Long delays in the media or prohibitive costs.
• Unable to advertise due to secrecy of expansion plans.
• The need to replace a current employee.
• Headhunters charging exorbitant fees.
• Finally, knowing that all advertising and agency recruitment is passive and that you can only reach those that are ON the marketplace.

The positive answer is to approach the most successful people IN the marketplace.

How does Executive Search work?

• We obtain a detailed person and job specification in consultation with the client.
• A search plan is then devised and the names to approach are compiled.
• The targeted individuals are then confidentially approached.
• Interviews are then held and a small shortlist, together with appraisals are arranged.
• Psychometric and profile testing can be conducted prior to shortlist interview.
• A precis or report on salary scales and/or job descriptions can also be compiled prior to final interview.
• Meaningful verbal references can be obtained.

If you want to find out more about our executive search services, please contact us.




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